High Level Commercial Gutter Cleaning & Surveillance

CT (East) Ltd is proud to offer a bespoke high level cleaning & surveillance service to many of our clients.

The Polar Survey kit and the Polar Vak are made by our manufacturing sector of the company, Polarbrite. Polar Vak is a high powered wet & dry vacuum with 45’ of hose that allows gutter clearing to apartment and office blocks and the Polar Survey kit is a complete wireless system that comprises of a camera and 7-inch quality screen, which allows us to comprehensively observe high level areas from ground level.

Our extensive package has many notable benefits and can be used for the following

  • As part of general gutter maintenance.
  • Gutter & gulley surveillance.
  • High level structural surveillance.
  • To identify damage or blockages to gutters.
  • An excellent alternative where towers and scaffolding cannot be used.
  • To reduce time and costs when identifying complications at surveillance charge, even if the job cannot be completed from ground level.
  • Complies with health and safety regulations that can be complicated to overcome.


You can find out more of the CT (East) group below...

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